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Thomas Beutel <> writes

"I looked at the Ultrascale site and it seems to me that the prices for
their drivers and motors are very reasonable (I'm assuming roughly 2 pounds
to the dollar).

Actually the exhange rate is roughly around $1.50 per british pound last
time I checked. As for the prices they are indeed reasonable. Doesn't
greenway products charge something like $18.00 per axle? The M.G.B.s.

"I'm having trouble however understanding the terminology. Can
anyone translate OO, E.M., and 18.83 gauges? Which one is HO?"

OO is 4mm per foot or 1/76th scale that runs on HO scale [16.5 mm] track.
EM gauge is finescale 4mm modeling and runs on actual 18.83 mm track which
is the correct gauge for OO scale. It's kind of the reverse of O scale
'standard gauge' which actually runs on 5' gauge track and modelers decided
to proto:48 it by narrowing the track to the correct gauge. It's like that.

Remember if your ordering their drivers for American models that OO scale
dimensions are 14% bigger than HO. having to ship something back to England
because it's the wrong size will cut into any proce savings real quick.

Model railroading is fun, sometimes. ;-)

Also, another source of motors is:

Micromo Electronics
14881 Evergreen Avenue
Clearwater, FL 33762-3008
1-800-807-9166 usa/can

They have motors with single and double shafts, diameters of 10 to 35 mm.
voltages of up to 48 vdc are available if you need a reduced rpm for your
application. They also offer sample purchases of up to five units.

Eric Soencksen

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