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It will be interesting to see what NWSL comes up with. The Maxon motor line
looks good, but brushless motors are delicate beasts.

Regarding 3 pole motors, I have no problem with them as long as they work. I
think that 3-pole motors have a bad reputation because so many cheap motors
have 3-poles, but I sure that some 3 pole motors are just fine.

I looked at the Ultrascale site and it seems to me that the prices for their
drivers and motors are very reasonable (I'm assuming roughly 2 pounds to the
dollar). I'm having trouble however understanding the terminology. Can
anyone translate OO, E.M., and 18.83 gauges? Which one is HO?

Also, what is an indented axle? Does that mean it has a shoulder for the

Thanks much!
Thomas Beutel
San Francisco

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NWSL was supposed to be replacing the Sagami motors with a new line. I
don't know if that has happened or not. There is no listing on there web
page only email for their motor listings.
The "Ultrascale" site has some Buhler 3 pole (segment) motors at 14mm x
17mm. Personally I don't like 3 pole motors, but???? This is a UK site and
you would have to order them from there. Let me know if you are thinking
about an order as I wish to get some wheels and other items from them. You
might want to look.

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