Re: Building more than 1 layout, more than one scale

Leo Pesce <leo@...>

My friend Cliff is a good example. He is about to embark in building his
layout. He models the following:

Lionel O scale (starting the bench work in the next couple of weeks)
Marklin HO (will go on top of the Lionel bench)
British railroading HO (possibly going in the attic)
Bemo HOm (he is thinking about it; would go on top of the Marklin layout)
LGB - narrow gauge in Lake Tahoe in the attic (soon to be moved in the
LGB - Oahu in Hawaii in the garden
Live steam in the garden. (runs on LGB very large radii track)
Southern Pacific steam HO - Shasta division soon to be put back in the attic
Locale: Dunsmuir.

Last month I went to see an estate for sale (was not much) consisting of two
fully built layouts, Lionel (in the 2 car garage) and HO (a U shaped layout
in the family room).

And a couple of nights ago Cliff and I went to pick up a table saw (for him
to build the layouts) and the guy had a Lionel layout in his son room (now
moved out) and a really pretty Christmas layout (again with Lionel) and
those lighted porcelain houses, with an ice skating unit with figurines
twirling around.

I think there are a lot more than we think of people with multiple

Oh yes, as for me, I now have a Bemo module and will have two layouts,
Marklin and SP steam (Dunsmuir or Monterey - Santa Cruz branches)

Happy "multi" railroading!!!


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