P2K Articulated - orders closing

"Nelson Kennedy" <nelsonk@...

ECMR have advised their email list that orders for the first release of the
P2K H0 articulated are likely to be closed off by LL on Friday of this week.
They have advised an expected list of $375 and a price from them of $245
which rather scotches the notion that this loco won't be discounted. Hmmmm,
$245 sight unseen. If it were an SP type I'd have to be tempted - it is not
a whole lot more expensive than the 25 year old bodied Rivarossi locos. But
it is not suitable for SP so that settles that. Darn it.

BTW, if any of you guys want to be kept up to date on what ECMR are
offering you can request to go on their weekly email at


You will need to tell them the scale that interests you as they have
separate mailings for each scale.

Nelson Kennedy
Christchurch, New Zealand
Ferrymead Trams, NZR 0 gauge, a little Espee H0 are at

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