Re: Harriman steam

Aidrian Bridgeman-Sutton <>

Hi Ashley and other denizens of the list.

The subject of Harriman engines got discussed on the SMRF list a while
ago. The modeller's of South Eastern lines got a big boost with USRA
types mentioned, and I think that a selection of Harriman types could
be the next logical step. Besides the clearly Harrriman roads, which
in my area of interest were the Central of Georgia and the Illinois
Central, several other lines had Harriman derived engines.

The Harriman Mikado would be a particularly useful choice, though as
time went by these varied in appearance as much as the USRA engines
did. For those with an SP/UP bias these would be sure to be handy

IIRC you are doing Santa Rosa in the 20's.

All I can offer here is a few ideas that may help.

1. The issue of converting the Bachmann consol is something I have
looked into. As you'll be aware it's an IC engine in most respects,
and I have succesfully converted one to this configuration using an
MDC vanderbilt tender and litlte else except styrene strip sheet and

As such, it's considerably bigger than the Common Standard engines and
this may be a problem - but the IC engines were effectively Harriman
engines on steroids. You'll find some decription of the sort of work
needed to produce the IC version on the MRF archives. They are
searchable and there's a link to them under the mailing list pages at - search on "IC consol" when you get to the

This sort of conversion would produce a look-alike sort of
engine,though I'm inclined to think that the compomises in size and
therefore appearance may sit a little oddly with the rest of the

2. MDC do a "Harriman Style" ten-wheeler and Atlantic as well as the
consol. I've not run a ruler over one, so I can't comment on these
models' accuracy or otherwise, but the ten wheeler looks generally
about right, though in need of detailing. The Atlantic looks less
convincing- it really lacks the high stepping look of the original,
though rewheeling it might be the answer here.

I don't have the article on the cxonsol conversion handy, but you
shoulld be able to find the reference from the magazine index at - the magazines or photocopies of the article can
generally be obtained fom the publisher, or via the NMRA library.



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