Re: P2K articulated???

Jon Miller <atsf@...>

There was mention of a Big Boy for the P2K articulated. If I was in
marketing I probably would think about it to be a good seller. But here is
the rub. Rivarossi already has one but not that well done in terms of
quality and lots of them, cheap (well sort of). If you built a really good
one (correct drivers, RP25 wheels, etc.) it would not work for the 18"
radius crowd. You would be in the 28"-30" radius curves. This would limit
sales because the Rivarossi is already out there and your pricing would have
to be higher. What to do.
I would do one that has not been done in plastic before and make it a
good one. Anyone have any ideas for a good articulated, that has not been
done in plastic and in their opinion would be a good seller from the
marketing point of view?

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