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Date: Friday, October 08, 1999 9:39 PM
Subject: [HOsteam] New Products rumour mill

From: "Nelson Kennedy" <>

D&S Hobbies are predicting the announcement of a comprehensive range of new
quality steam locos by the end of October.

Put that alongside P2K's statement that they will make a major product
announcement at the Chicago bash in October and imaginations start to work

Now, if only they could look at doing some Harriman types instead of yet
more USRA types .... well, I can dream, can't I? At least Harriman types
would be suitable for several roads ...... we'll see.

BTW, does anyone know of a web article telling of how to bash a more or
less acceptable SP C9 from a Spectrum Consolidation?

Nelson Kennedy
Christchurch, New Zealand
Ferrymead Trams, NZR 0 gauge, a little Espee H0 are at

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