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From: Jack Wilson <>

Am I missing something here?

I always figured if something is not right out of the box, return it.

I'm no particular Bachman fan, but if we do not return things and let
them know
when we aren't happy with the product, then shame on us!
I'm not sure it is as black and white as that. I agree with your sentiment
and we should certainly tell our suppliers/manufacturers if things are not
right. In practical terms it is not just as simple as that for some of us.
If I buy a product which is not quite right, and have waited 6 to 8 weeks
for a slow boat to get it to me from the US, then I am not likely to be
very happy about sending it back and waiting for it to do a round trip that
might take another three months if there os a known quick fix that I can do
myself. For me, in a comparatively isolated place, where I often have to
buy sight unseen, the 'net has proven to be a boon for the exchange of
helpful information about products and their strengths and weaknesses. I
say 'keep the information coming' *and* tell your supplier/manufacturer if
something is not right.

Nelson Kennedy
Christchurch, New Zealand.
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