Re: Bachmann mountain

Jack Wilson <jackwils@...>

Am I missing something here?

I always figured if something is not right out of the box, return it.

I'm no particular Bachman fan, but if we do not return things and let them know
when we aren't happy with the product, then shame on us!
Thomas Beutel wrote:

From: Thomas Beutel <> {snip}
the running characteristics are not what I hoped. Going forward
it growls slightly, and in reverse it growls loudly. Well at least
it wasn't the other way around! Since I will be running it forward, mostly,
I think I can live with it
The problem that I'm seeing is that the engine stalls frequently. The
strange part is that when it stalls, it is still in electrical contact. The
headlight and the firebox are lit, just brighter. What gives? I suspect that
there is either a loose connector to the motor, or the motor has a bad brush.
I guess I'll have to open it up.{snip}
Thomas Beutel
Jack Wilson
Prescott, AZ

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