Re: Bachmann mountain

Leonello Pesce <leo@...>

Hello all,

during last month thread, there was a number of compliments about
Bachman and their new Mountain.

I would like to include my recent experiences about the engines.

I work one day a week (Saturdays) in a hobby shop, in the RR dpt.
Hence I get to play with a lot of new stuff. This include the
Mountain from Spectrum.

We opened two boxes for demo purposes and found the first to
run as expected, just like the various comments made in this

The second one I suspect, was a lemon. As soon as we put it on the
tracks, and gave voltage, it started down the track bucking and
making loud noises. Upon inspection, I found the last driver out
of quarter.

So I started to disassemble the engine. Now, I opened and pulled
apart many types of steam model engines, but I could not pull
this one apart. It seems Bachman implemented the classic chinese
puzzle. I was able to open the bottom plate and manually re-quarter
the driver. Solved that problem, The engine still growled.

I suspect at this point a bad gear somewhere between the motor and
the main driver.

What has been the experience of people on this list in opening this
engine? I would be interested in how it is done and what are the

I must note that I never had to open the Consolidation for fixing
anything (Bachman got this one right, but is it just an anomaly?).


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