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Welcome. Hoofbeats in Heaven is a horse loss support group created to provide the comfort you are seeking due to the death of your horse. We are horse people who have lost, or will soon lose, our cherished family member. We feel and respect the deep bond that you have with your equine companion. Perhaps better than anyone, we know the pain and emotional void left from their physical absence. Our goal is to help each other work through our grief and to find peace in coming to know that our horses live on as long as we carry them in our hearts.

We welcome your memories, stories, photos, questions, etc. We have resources to help you see through your grief that you can stop focusing only on the death of your horse and begin to focus on the gift of his life.

This group is only for those grieving the loss of their horse or expecting the imminent passing of their horse.

If you are feeling extreme despair, or prolonged grief, please seek professional support. 

The Spirit Of Your Horse Lives On...

NOTICE: Be advised that by posting any written text, photographs, or other materials (collectively referred to as "works of authorship") onto this group site, you assert that you are the author and owner of such works of authorship and that you permit the group owner its exclusive use in future books, derivative works, and compilations thereof without further notice or written acknowledgement. Copyright 2003-2020 Hoofbeats-In-Heaven.com. All rights reserved. Photos and text are not public domain.

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