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The Digital Rich Diva Facebook group vortex is a sacred space and divine sisterhood, and we ask you to adhere to the following guidelines. There is NO PITCHING whatsoever in the group, so please no videos or copy that adds your consult link or a link to your websites, landing pages or social media platforms. Do not share any posts from your personal or business pages in the group or any other content from outside of this sacred group space. We encourage you to practice your pitches and make it clear that you’re doing so; however, ensure they’re pitched directly in the group on live video, and do not include your booking link or any other type of link. Please NO TEACHING in the group. We have Diva Coaches Lisa Callinan and Ruthie Johnson to support you as you ascend and RISE energetically and strategically in your businesses. Your teachings are for your own groups. We’re happy for you to practice your videos on your teachings by going live in the group but keep them focused on showing up, being vulnerable, being all of you, calls to action (with no links), and demonstrating how to structure your videos. Do this from a heart space and not from a place of trying to pitch to potential new clients in the group. Please save those videos for your own groups. Don’t PM group members or otherwise solicit members. All High-End Empire material is protected by copyright; please don’t share it. Support other members, and your posts will receive more support too. High-End Empire cannot be ‘everything for everyone’ — make sure you have other groups to support you. We have new members joining every week; please be mindful of their experience as they enter the transformative vortex of High-End Empire for the first time. Any post that does not adhere to these guidelines will be taken down. If these posts persist, we will remove you from the group and group support will no longer be available to you. On the 15th of each month, you can post requests that offer your service in exchange for a testimonial (to a maximum of 5 exchanges). The support team will post about this in the group and that is where you submit your request each month. If you would like to network with your Diva sisters, we have a dedicated Google doc called ‘Rich Diva Referrals’ for that. This is the place to add your services and talk about who you are and what you do. These are the types of posts we love: * You working through a particular lesson in High-End Empire and sharing with us your Diva revelations. *Sharing your a-has, wins, shifts, and successes around strategy and your business (especially when it has the potential to help others). *A challenge or question that the group can help you with (please relate to a High-End Empire lesson where possible). Please see the FULL Guidelines and Support Document here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ak58cjv9obcD7DNHHnT9s_jjENxe4u-Xj2u4FlHab44/edit?usp=sharing

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