Announcement: NSL XXXII -- 32nd NCCC Sprint Ladder Competition

Mike Wetzel

Announcing: The 33 rd NCCC Sprint Ladder Competition NSL XXXIII 



january 27 - Thursday Feb 25; NAS CW Sprint on Saturday, Feb 5 (Sunday UTC).

Schedule NS Ladder XXXII:
 Wk  Date USÂ   Date Z    Time Z.
  1  Jan 27     Aug 28     0230-0300
  2  feb 3      Feb 4        0230-0300
      Feb 5     Feb 6          **** NA Sprint****
  3  Feb 10   Feb 11       0230-0300

  4  Feb  17  Feb  18         0230 0300

  5  Feb 24   Feb   25       0230 0300


  NAS CW Sprint:  Feb 5, Sat in US     0000 - 0400Z  

 Top four of five scores count toward final standing.  
-- Bands: 15, 20, 40, 80, (40-47 KHz up), 160, (1815 +/-)              
-- NS Rules:
-- Your Division. . map at
-- Post scores to Logs not req'd.
-- Weekly standings at:


  -- Software:  N1MM/ N1MM+ Use the SPRINTNS module.  (1 pt/Q, band mults) 

What is a Ladder Competition?

 When N6ZFO joined NCCC in 2001 there was no ladder competition in ham radio despite the popularity of the concept in bridge and chess. As a member of Marin County’s Tamalpa Runners he participated in their monthly trail runs, for which the individual race finish order was added over multiple trail runs. The connection between athletic and radio prints gelled in the form of this novel contest, first within NCCC in 2005, later nation-wide.

Why Participate?
-- It's a fun, friendly but intense competition.
-- Evaluate your operating skills and station performance over several weeks.
-- Test new operating techniques, new or different antenna configurations, SO2R.
-- Compare your scores to another participant, to the average score in your division etc.
-- Practice and check equipment for the NAS NCJ NA CW Sprint on Sept 11 (Sept 12 Z)

Most important:
--  PLEASE -- Low Power (100w)  only for this event as use of HP can be disruptive to others.
--  Be mindful of the times exactly (0230:00Z - 0300:00 Z) because of the short duration and the exponential increase in score with time.

- Questions? n6zfo@... or any Advisory Group member (N6ZFO, N3BB, W4NZ, K4BAI, N4AF, VE3YT, K6UFO, W0BH, W9RE)


If you'd like a copy of an article on the origin of the sprint, please email n6zfo@... or call me.

73 Bill N6ZFO  415 209 3084