I will miss the meeting because I'm at Philmont Scout Ranch

David, N9KT

FYI, I'm at the Philmont Scout Ranch in NM teaching Scouts the Amateur Radio merit badge.

So, here's my "this is the most perfect story.'

The ISS was coming over this morning. We walked out into the field with a tape measure antenna we just built and a Radioddity GD77 HT to try and make a contact. 

With 22 scouts and some parents around me I give my callsign. Imagine my surprise when it's NA1SS that answers me! NA1SS is reserved for the astronauts and it's Astronaut Dr. Kjell N. Lindgren answering me with, "N9KT welcome aboard the International Space Station." I quickly tell him I'm at the Philmont Scout Ranch with 22 scouts and he says "hi" to them all.

Now the scouts and parents are fired up to get their licenses. The rest of this week they are all going to build tape measure antennas. We are also going to do a Fox Hunt with them.

-David, N9KT

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