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That's interesting. The CR8 on the card I posted was Diu Island (Portuguese India) off the West coast of India ( Numerous places say, "There was only one operation from this rare entity. It was Bill Hunton, W6ODD, on August 2nd, 1948. Mr. Hunton only made 55 contacts."
and on Clublog (you have to type in the callsign w6odd/cr8)

The CR8AI on the card you posted was Timor (Portuguese Timor) off the NW coast of Australia ( and it looks like a lot of people worked it. Here's a whole page of them:

Interesting that they have the same prefix since they are 4,250 miles apart line-of-sight. I wonder if they did that because there was only 55 contacts on the one?

I ran across an interesting presentation that others may like: "Finding the Deleted Ones" by Jim McCook W6YA. It's two parts:
It talks about deleted entities with maps, cards, and some historical info from all of them.

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I can’t make much out of the poor scan of the card.

All I know is that it has CR8 on it.


You can see a few more from K9ECE  (sk) here.







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According to everything I've read, W6ODD/CR8 is the rarest post WWII QSL card that was recognized by the DXCC.


CR8 - Damao/Diu (Portuguese India)
Both the French and Portuguese had colonies in India for centuries. The Portuguese area was on the west coast, consisting of Goa and Daman/Diu.

There was only one operation of 55 contacts (on Diu Island) by W6ODD/CR8 in 1948. He was a merchant marine who also visited and operated from FI8. In 1961 Bob White at DXCC confirmed that W6ODD/CR8 was recognized for DXCC.




Anyone got one of those?


-David, N9KT



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