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David Bunte

Dave -

Well written. Some ads I read are not as clear. 

I think you will get some good results. 


On Sat, Jan 8, 2022 at 11:13 PM Dave Chasey <n9fn@...> wrote:

Here’s the next round of the N9FN inventory reduction sale items!


  • Icom IC-7000 HF/VHF/UHF transceiver with LDG AT-7000 antenna tuner made specifically for the Icom 7000.   I purchased this radio when starting to do QSO parties.    Shortly after I purchased it (new), I got a deal on a used Icom 756 Pro 2 for my home station and started using my 756 Pro for the QSO parties.    I kept the IC-7000 and AT-7000 in a pelican case as an emergency spare but never needed to use it.   The radio probably has about 25 hours of use on it.   As with all of my equipment, it’s always been in a non-smoking, non-pet environment and is in pristine condition.    It comes with the original box, manual, microphone, power cable and also the coax jumper and interface cable for the AT-7000 tuner.    In addition to be an HF +6 meter rig, it is a 2 meter and 70cm all mode rig as well.    It looks like $900 is a fair price for both the radio and tuner combo.


  • Icom 706 MKIIg HF/VHF/UHF transceiver.    This is the HF rig I ran mobile.    It’s made a lot of mobile QSO’s but still has a lot of QSO’s left in it.    The Buick (on my page) had a great place to mount a couple of radios.   My new Honda CR-V, not so much.   It comes with original box, FL-223 1.9K SSB and FL232 350 Hz CW filters installed, original Microphone, original power cord (shortened and power poles added) and original printed manual.     $700


  • Icom V-8000 2 meter mobile rig.    Selectable 75w, 25w, 10w or 5w power output.   This is a very heavy duty rig and it is one of the few that have a front firing speaker.    I bought it to monitor simplex frequencies during QSO parties for mobiles coming through.    Turns out that most of the mobiles with 2 meters were running APRS so they weren’t on 2m simplex.   Comes with original box, manual, power cord and microphone.    $100


  • Azden PCS-7500H 6 meter FM rig.   50 watt rig I bought used many years ago.   The radio works great.   Programming is not intuitive, but is well documented in the manual.   Comes with the original box, manual, power cord and microphone.  $90.


  • Icom 275A 2 meter all mode rig.   This is a 25 watt radio with 120 volt AC power supply built in that my Dad owned.   Many years ago I sent it in to Icom for minor repairs and it was gone through and met all specs when returned.   I made a couple of 2M SSB QSO’s with it then put it on the shelf, so it’s only had an hour or two of use since it was returned from Icom.    I now have an Icom 9700 that makes this radio surplus to my needs.   I’ve seen prices all over the place for these radios.     I do NOT have the original box, but it does come with the original microphone and manual.   It uses a standard computer power cord, included as well.   Asking $300 but will consider offers.


  • Cushcraft A3S – 3 element 10/15/20 meter beam.    I purchased this to use on the van, check my page for a picture of the beam in use.   The beam was used for several field days, so it was only up for 2 days at a time and used at 100w max, then stored in a large PVC pipe container in my garage, so very minimal use and minimal exposure to the weather.   It also has stainless steel hardware.     New price is $799 at DXE and is 6 months out on shipping.    Asking $400.


Let me know if you’re interested.    I’ll post on eHam in a few days but would prefer to sell locally.   I’ll be more than happy to demonstrate any of the rigs and show that they are fully functional as well.



Dave – N9FN






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