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Dave Chasey


I have a few items for sale now that I thought I’d list locally before posting to eHam’s classifieds.   Pictures are attached, but if they don’t make it through the mailing list, email me and I’ll send them directly.


DV Dongle – a USB device that allows you to connect to the DSTAR network through the internet using a laptop or desktop computer without a radio or DSTAR repeater.    I purchased it new a LONG time ago for $199 and used it a couple of times, then put it on the shelf.   It’s in the original box and looks brand new.  $100.00 shipped, or may consider knocking off a few bucks if I don’t have to ship it.


Yaesu  FT-60R dual band Handheld that comes with the original box, manual and drop in charger.    Also included are an extra AA battery pack to install your own AA batteries especially for emergency communications, 12 volt cigarette lighter charger, and Heil HT headset for Yeasu HT’s.     I paid $229.80 for these items from R&L and that’s still the current price from them.    I was going to use the radio for portable satellite operations, but I’m using the 9700 instead.    I programmed the radio and tested it, but never used it so it’s in pristine condition.     $199.00 plus actual shipping cost if I have to ship it.


Heil Traveler headset with Icom round 8 pin and Icom Modular adapters.    Will work with most Icom round pin radios, and the other adapter will work with the Icom 706, 7000, etc.      I paid $83.95 for the headset, $17.95 for the Icom 706 adapter, and $17.95 for the 8 pin round adapter for a total of $119.85.   A unique feature of this headset is it has a PTT and the up/down switches in the cord.     I used it a few times with the IC-706 and the IC-7000 and it worked great.    It also works great with most Icom radios with the 8 pin round connector, but the 9700’s mic jack has low level audio out and requires a hardware modification to get headphone level at the mic jack, so I went with a different headset for the 9700.    I’d like $90.00 for it with both adapters, plus shipping if I need to ship it.


Please let me know if you’re interested in any of the items.    If I don’t hear anything in a few days I’ll post them to eHam.


Thanks and 73,

Dave – N9FN







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