Re: URGENT! We lost our meeting place!

Ken Bandy, KJ9B

David, according the Squealers' web site, their location at W. 86th and Zionsville Rd. is still open.  I don't know if the club is tied to east/northeast side venues, but if not, this might be an alternative.  I've been in this restaurant once a few years ago, and don't recall if they have a private room.  Their number is 317-871-7427.



Ken, KJ9B


From: [] On Behalf Of David Spoelstra
Sent: Tuesday, March 05, 2019 2:49 AM
Subject: [HDXCC] URGENT! We lost our meeting place!


Squealers in Castleton has closed. So right now, we don't have a place to meet.


I'll start calling around immediately. However three months ago when I was calling around looking for possible meeting places, all the places wanted $200 per meeting or a guaranteed attendance of about 20 people.


I wanted to get the word out ASAP. If you know of a place, please call them and find out what their requirements are.


Ideally, we would like a private room with a projector or TV that we can use for presentations. Also, some of our members would like to have alcohol. Lastly, a cost per meeting or a guaranteed attendance will probably nix the deal.


Let me know what you all find out.


Until then, consider the March 13 meeting canceled.


-David, N9KT



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