International Space Station sending pictures this weekend

David, N9KT

You have another chance to download pictures from the ISS this weekend!

Grab your yourself, your kids, and/or your grandkids and do something cool!

You can download the pictures with a Baofeng UV5R and a STOCK antenna and decode them with your phone!

Here's a link to the picture I downloaded and the certificate I received last weekend:

Here's what you need:
2m HT tuned to 145.800MHz. Put on the best whip antenna you have.
Android: Robot36 for decoding the picture (FREE)
iPhone/iPad: "SSTV Slow Scan TV"
Decoding software mode: PD120

Passes above Indy (local times). Each pass is 4-8 minutes long:
2/15: 10:20am, 3:13pm, 4:49pm
2/16: 9:28am, 11:06am, 3:57pm
2/17: 8:37am, 10:14am

Procedure: Be outside at the correct time. Tune your HT to 145.800 MHz with the squelch OFF. Turn on the decoding software on your phone. When you hear the ISS, make sure the speaker of your HT is near the microphone on your phone. The reception is best if your antenna is perpendicular to the ISS - so holding it horizontally usually works best, but move your HT around for the loudest signal. Enjoy!

You can get the latest SSTV information on the ARISS SSTV Blog Spot:  Once received, Images can be posted and viewed by the public at  And you can receive a special SSTV ARISS Award for posting your image. See  For simplicity, we have added a new tab for SSTV, under general contacts, on the ARISS web site

If you receive a picture from the ISS, bring it to the next club meeting to share!

-David, N9KT

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