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David, N9KT

I thought about that too, but we've already got everything lined up.  We'll just have to be efficient.
-David, N9KT

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Just a thought. With all that has/is happening, will we have time for Carl’s presentation tomorrow? I don’t want to see him make the trip for nothing. Jay W9TC


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All –


The position also requires that it be someone who attends a lot of conventions and hamfests.


Mike spent a huge amount of time at all of the local (and non-local) conventions, hamfests, and other DX clubs (e.g., Ft. Wayne, Evansville, Osgood, Dayton, Visalia, SWODXA, etc.)  checking cards.  So much so that I gave him a large amount of grief about missing the events so he could sit and look at QSL cards).


He took the job very and the commitment seriously.


73/DX – Pete N0FW



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The club's DXCC card checker should be someone who makes

most, if not all, of the monthly meetings.


I just need to pay the fee to get the 160m DXCC endorsement

(the QSLs are in LOTW). 


Not volunteering,  but available.


Terry N4TZ

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