Growing Wellness

Growing Wellness is a group of farmers and others who are searching for support, resources, and community around mental health and stress.

Growing Wellness community guidelines


  • No hate speech of any kind
    • Respect identities, pronouns, and personal language (e.g. some folks might not want to be referred to as “mentally ill”) 
  • What is said here stays here
  • Use content warnings when possible, especially around substances, self harm, and traumatic experiences.
    • Example for webinar: Today’s discussion will cover potentially triggering topics around self harm and suicide. Please take a break from the topic if you need to, or reach out to admins for extra support and resources. [include links/helplines]
    • Example for message board post: CW: substance use, suicidal thoughts
    • Topics it is usually best to CW for: alcohol, drugs, suicidal thoughts, self harm, eating disorders, sexual assault, physical violence, emotional abuse (feel free to add your own)
  • Take care of yourself -- state boundaries clearly and don’t be afraid to take a step back if you need it
  • Ask before giving advice. Sometimes folks just need to vent
  • Avoid pseudoscience or spiritual bypassing. 
    • For example, yoga and meditation don’t work for everyone. Try not to make treatment claims unless there’s good clinical evidence. Saying “x worked for me” is usually better than implying it will work for everyone. 
    • Saying “just ignore it” or “think positively” is not helpful to people struggling with mental illness or stress, and can discourage them from talking about what’s wrong. 
    • Do not discourage folks from pursuing psych treatment or medications. It’s ok to talk about your bad experiences with these things, but don’t imply they are always negative. 
  • Communicate any unmet needs or concerning behavior to admins

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