Our group has ‘legacy features enabled’ but not legacy pricing

Russell Courtenay

We are wanting to pay for extra files space like we use to but not sure why we haven’t been billed the $110 since 2019.

Why is it now $547?

We would gladly upgrade at the $110 or even the $220 like my other groups, but wow, $547 is a lot of money for a non profitable enthusiast group. We have about 100 active members but 1016 total members and don’t really want to limit our membership. 

Russell Courtenay
Solemnity and profundity are sublime in inequity. 

Bruce Bowman

Legacy features and legacy pricing are entirely separate. 

If your group is old enough, your Basic group will retain legacy features (and if you're paying for Premium anyway, this point is kinda moot).

To keep legacy pricing, you have to remain on the same plan. If you ever allow the group to downgrade -- or even switch between monthly/yearly billing -- you will find yourself stuck with the new pricing structure from that point forward.

Hope this helps,