[GMF] Why use hashtags in a group? #hashtag

Stan Gorodenski

I had asked a question related to this a few days ago but got no answer. The question is this. I have created four subgroups. It would be nice, although not necessary, to have messages in each group color coded to identify the group. I thought hashtags might do this, but I discovered in the settup that when I make hashtags required, all it does is require a member to create a hashtag for each message created. Not only would this be annoying to subgroup members, but I have it set up so only I can create hashtags. Is there a way to color code messages, if hashtags are not the way to do it, for each subgroup?

On 2/19/2018 10:46 AM, J_Catlady wrote:
Yes, it's a very old topic. I had to look up to the top to realize that I was the one who started it a year ago. Since then I've realized what a powerful feature hashtags are in groups.io, with many functions they don't have elsewhere. You can set a thread to time out via a hashtag; you can set a thread to be moderated via a hashtag; you can set a thread to be replied to by mods only via a hashtag; and much more. Here's the documentation: