Re: Signature woes



This is sent from my mail client as plain text with a manually added
signature ...
Not exactly plain text. Something in your messages I failed to notice (but Mark spotted):

Content-Type: text/plain; format=flowed; markup=markdown
The -- you thought were separating a sig were actually marking a header. Hence the large font.

It turns out that underlining a line of text (with equals or hyphens) is an alternate form of specifying a header:

Congratulations though, you did something unique. Mark says:

"Is this a bug? Feels more like unintended consequence. And btw, this is
the very first email I've encountered in the wild with markdown
formatting specified. Until now it was all theoretical to me..."

So markdown formatting must be a feature of your mail client. I'm not sure if it is possible to have the hyphens both ways: not interpreted as markdown on site, while interpreted as a sig divider by other email interfaces. So it might be best to turn off markdown for Group messages.

The best answer, of course, would be to have all other email interfaces (Gmail, Thunderbird, etc) recognize the markup=markdown parameter and interpret your messages accordingly. But that may never happen.


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