This group is open to anyone who has questions or comments about email groups hosted on

There are several members here who have extensive experience in running groups, so it is likely that one or more of them have experienced just about any problems or concerns that any member might have.

All you need do to obtain help is just ask.

In order to promote rapid responses to questions, this group will not be moderated.

That does not mean it is not monitored, there are several moderators.

Some of us moderators have internet service providers  who screen out messages with offensive words, or messages that are obvious spam.  So, if you see a message come through that should not have been on the group, send a message to:    and let us know.     Otherwise, the moderators may not be aware of bad messages.

My ISP is like that, and if you write to me telling me that there is a bad message, and you include that message within your message, my ISP will filter out your entire message and I will never see it.

So, do not include the offensive message, just tell me there was one, and I will find it in the archives.





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