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If you wish to promote a member to moderator or owner or make changes in a member's permissions:

  • Go Admin, to the Members tab at the left hand side of your homepage.

  • Either by scrolling through the list of members presented, or by searching on their Display Name or email address (or just a part thereof), find the email address you want to change.

  • Click on the "member's line" anywhere at the left hand side of their entry in the list. (Don't use the checkbox. The check box has other options, but does not promote someone to owner or moderator.)

  • That "click" will take you to the page detailing that person's Membership. The fourth section on the page is called Role. It will (or should!) say Member. 

  • At the right hand side of the line with "Member" in it is a drop - down arrow.

  • Click on the arrow and a drop - down list will appear with the options of Member / Moderator / Owner available.

  • Click on Owner, and "Owner" will appear in the place where Member previously appeared.

  • Change the permissions - Owners have all permissions, while moderators can have specific permissions. See [1] below

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Save. 

[1] Be very cautious when giving Set Moderator Privileges to anyone. A Moderator with that box checked can promote themselves to "Owner" and demote the real owner to member and even remove them from membership. It is a Permission with all the powers of being an owner.