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You must login to your group site to create a poll. You must have permission to create the poll - in Settings.

Polls are sent as messages to members with the hashtag #poll in the subject line. (If the hashtag doesn't exist, it will be created when you post the first poll.)

Members must login to the site to participate. The email has a link "vote now" that takes the user to the page (if logged in) or to the login page.

To create a poll on your group site: 

Login. Click on New Poll - lefthand menu.

Add a title, question and answers - note you can add more reply options by clicking Add Answer.

Choose any or all additional options.

Post poll.

Voting in a poll:

To respond to a poll, the user must first log in.

Click on the radio buttons.


You can change your vote too.

To find the results of your poll:

Go to the post in which you created the poll.

On your group site, click on Messages in your group site. 
Click on Topics beside the search button. Choose Polls.

You could also select Hashtags from the left menu and choose #Polls to list them all.

Click to open the message with the poll. Depending on your settings, only owner/moderator or all members can see the results and you can see who responded. 

The simplest way to share results of a poll is to email them to your subscribers

Closing a poll:

Click on the More "hamburger menu" at bottom right and select Edit Poll.

There will be a Close Poll button at the bottom of the resulting screen. 

If the poll is locked, you will need to unlock it before you can close it.

Modifying or preferences for polls:

You can edit your preferences in Settings, Polls.

You can also modify the properties of the hashtag #poll by clicking on the Edit button - for example, duration or make it owner/moderator only.

Polls have a new option to never show results to members.


Q: Our Membership guy has initiated a poll, but now wants just to chase up those people who have not replied, to get them to take the poll. Is there any way to do this, or can we only send a chaser to all members (which will hassle those who have already responded)?

Sorry, not at this time. (2018-12)
You can send a member the message number - Each message has an individual message number (right corner). Right-click on the link at upper right of the poll and selected "copy link address." (The text displayed by your browser may be different.)