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In each group has an owner email address. Each moderator has a subscription option to control receiving messages sent to the owner address.

The owner-email address is listed at the bottom of the home page for each group.

Owners can set up preferences for receiving email to this address - set it to "None" or (from) "Subscribers only".  It's recommended to select at least Subscribers or you'll currently have no way of knowing that they've sent a message, but it will be stored under their Member listing in the Owner Emails section.

The control is at the bottom of the Subscription page in each group (of which you moderate or own).
Go to Subscription, and scroll down to see the controls for Owner Email. 

Your choices - 

  • All Emails (Receive every message that is sent to your group.
  • Subscribers Only (Receive only messages sent by subscribers / members.)
  • None (Receive no messages sent to your group.)

If you are using a Pending Subscription notice, you should set your Owner Email to All.