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Failing to Receive [Some] Group Messages

It sometimes happens that you fail to receive some or all group messages (i.e.: via email). Here are some things to check:

On the side:
  • Do the missing posts contain a hashtag that has the No Email property?
  • Do the missing posts contain a hashtag that you have muted?
  • Were they posted to a Topic that you have muted?
  • Is your account in Bouncing or Bounced status?
  • Is your Email Delivery set to Individual Messages?
  • Is your Message Selection (under Advanced Preferences) set to All Messages?
On your email interface:
  • Have you set a filter that blocks or redirects some (or all) group messages?
  • Are the group messages landing in your Spam (or Trash or other junk) folder?

Also, be sure to check your mail delivery history at to see if your provider is bouncing or otherwise rejecting messages sent from the group.