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In Admin, use the menu to go to Settings.

In Settings, go to the Member Notices button at the top of that page.

Add a notice:

Click on +New Notice - button below any notices.

Click on Notice Type - Welcome - to see the list of notices available.

Click to choose the notice you want to create or edit.

Fill in the information on the form.

As a special case, the Guidelines can be sent on join and/or monthly, in addition to appearing in the left column.

Click on Add Notice.

Activate, deactivate, edit or delete notices:

New notices you create are automatically activated (default) except for type Invite. However you may want to change that.

In Admin, Settings, the button for Member Notices

Make sure that only the ones you want are activated.

Click on a hyperlinked title.

You will see

Active Message - with a tick box and the explanation line:  Use this message.

You can also edit or delete a Notice you don't want.

Don't forget to click on Update Notice.

Available notices types:

  • Banned-Member: Message sent when someone is banned from your group
  • Direct-Add: Message sent when a person is directly added to your group
  • Group-Guidelines: Group guidelines (see below for extra options)
  • Goodbye: Message sent when someone leaves your group
  • Invite: Message sent when an invite is sent
  • Note-To-Member: Message sent to a member
  • Locked-Group: Message returned when someone emails the group when it is locked.
  • Monthly-Reminder: Message sent to the group every month.
  • Pending-Subscription: Message sent when someone applies to join your group
  • Rejected-Message: Message sent when a message is rejected
  • Rejected-Subscription: Message sent when a pending subscription is rejected
  • Removed-Member: Message sent when a member is removed from your group
  • Welcome: Message sent when someone joins your group


Extra options for the "Group Guidelines" notification:

The "Group Guidelines" type of member notice operates differently and has the following features and options:

  • When you set a "Group Guidelines" notice, a new tab appears on the left called "Guidelines" with the notice's content in it
  • You can make the "Group Guidelines" notice visible only to members (this relates to the Guidelines tab on the left)
  • You can set two different subject lines (see the official help pages for more details)
  • You can set the "Group Guidelines" notice to be sent when people join as members
  • You can set the "Group Guidelines" notice to be be sent every month
    • If you set it to be sent every month, you can choose to send it as a special notice, to ensure that members who are subscribed as "Special Notices Only" will also receive it
  • You can only set one "Group Guidelines" member notice at a time (it will disappear from the dropdown list when one such notice has been created)


  • Since you can use hashtags in the subject line, you can the hashtag functionality to do certain things, e.g.:
    • delete the previous guidelines post from the group automatically by setting the hashtag's duration as "one month".
    • set the hashtag to "locked" so that no-one can reply to the guidelines post.
  • The guidelines can be sent manually by a moderator to a group member at any time, in case the member needs a review of the guidelines
  • Examples :

See also:

If you want to send a message on a regular schedule you can use a calendar event for that.