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Whether you are new to or you have already registered, the instructions are the same! You will automatically create an account for the email address you use. 

Joining a publicly listed group:

Go to and click on Find or Create a Group.

There is a list of publicly listed groups -

  • You can search by keyword using the search box, by most popular (default), newest, and by name.
  • Some will be restricted and you must apply to join them. Click on the link Apply for Membership in this Group
  • Some are open to anyone who wishes to join. Click on Join This Group button.

If you have registered with already with that same email address, that adds the new group's subscription to your existing account. If you visit your account's Identification page, you will find your profile in each group there.

Note: groups’ message archives may or may not be open to all. Check group policy in the list of groups. 

Joining a group not listed in the directory of groups:

Not all groups have chosen to be publicly listed. To join one of those, you will have get an invitation from the group or be given the subscribe email address.

If you have received an invitation by email: 

Remember that your email address is group ID. Give the group-owner your preferred email address to receive an invitation. 

Look for the invitation email in your inbox. Not there? Check your junk or spam mail.

Click and follow instructions.


If you have been given the group name or email address:

You can send a blank email to [GROUPNAME]  substituting the real group name for GROUPNAME.

If you used the same email address that you have used with already,  your Display Name in the From header field will be copied into the new account's Profile, and from there into the subscription's profile of each group you join.

Whichever you do - join a publicly listed or a private group -  you will have a login. 

No need to register again.

You needn't visit the site if you just want to interact with the group by email, but the account is there without a password.

However you might want to customize your subscription for this group. See Subscription Options.

Check out the rest of the help in this wiki if you wish to visit the group's site for message archive, or perhaps files, photos, etc. how to log in

You can also change your profile, etc. See Profile and Email Address and Merging Accounts