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Wiki Guide for Users and Editors

How to create a wiki

Purpose: Main Guide to Setup, Editing, Management, Maintaining, and Using a Wiki

While I know almost nothing about wikis, I am starting this main page for wikis so that all of you can help build a great guide for people like me to use.

Here are the topics we would like to see covered:

  • How to Setup and Get Started
  • Who has permissions to create, add, edit wiki pages?
  • How to deal with editing conflicts
  • How to Restore Page to a Previous Version
  • and more to be added later. Please feel free to add to this list.

Wiki Topics from GitHub Wiki Help:

(I think the wiki may be based in large part on GitHub wiki. Can anyone confirm?)

  1. About GitHub Wikis
  2. Adding wiki pages via the online interface
  3. Editing wiki pages via the online interface
  4. Creating a footer
  5. Creating a sidebar
  6. Adding and editing wiki pages locally
  7. Viewing a wiki's history of changes
  8. Adding images to wikis
  9. Adding links to wikis
  10. Supported MediaWiki formats
  11. Changing access permissions for wikis
  12. Disabling wikis

Links to Existing Wiki Pages and Group Posts

Wiki Articles/Pages

Group Posts