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GMF's wiki is a place where we can collect reference material about, stuff that goes beyond what's available through's help pages (see the Help link in the bottom bar on every page). It is an adjunct to the discussions in this group, and a place to collaborate.

 You can help by writing or correcting articles, or just by commenting in a message to the group.


Help write Help

If you've read the official help pages and found a typo, or an awkward or unclear phrase, or even a mistake, here's your chance to make it better: visit the Help page Mock-up and make it better. No promises, but there's a good chance that will adopt good ideas into the official help page.


Quick-Start Guide

If you're new to, or just thinking about joining a group on the service, here's some info to help you get started.


Advice to Group Members

How-to guides and other helpful pages for users of groups.


Group Subscriptions

Topics and Messages

Web Features


Best Practices for Group Management

Topics of interest to group owners and moderators.

Group Formation

Member Management

Topics and Messages

Web Features


And don't forget about the Help page

Hopefully this wiki will become a useful peer-to-peer collection of reference documents for group moderators and owners. The same idea as YahooGroupedia, but hosted in's native Wiki format.