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If a picture is worth a thousand words, what about a video?

Embedding a photo or video into your post can add tremendously to its impact and is actually quite easy.  (WARNING:  Video can take a lot of storage space!)

NOTE: This page is for non-nerds. There may be coding hoops that can be jumped through and, if so, feel free to create another page describing that process. Trying to K.I.S.S.

Objects You Can Embed

  • Pictures and Photos
  • Video
  • There may be more but I don't know what they are.

Pages You Can Embed in

  • Admin and Moderators
    • Invite
    • Settings
      • Description
      • Member Notices
  • Anyone allowed to Post
    •  Messages (When replying)
    • New Topic
    • New Poll
    • Chats
    • Calendar
      • New or editing an event
    • Wikipage

NOTE: You can not embed video into a wikipage

How To Embed 

NOTE: You must have other content on the page to save it.

  1. Open up any of the pages listed above
  2. On the Menu bar, click on the three bar icon on the far right (Show Advanced Toolbar)
  3. On the Advanced Toolbar, click on the <> icon on the far right (Source Code)
    1. The Source Code window will pop up
  4. Navigate to the website that has embedding enabled
    1. On Flickr its the Share Photo function (Arrow) at the bottom of the photo when being viewed
    2. On YouTube its the Share function below the video
  5. Click the Share icon
  6. If given options, select the options you want.
  7. Click the Copy button
  8. Navigate back to and the Source Code window
  9. Paste the code where you want it to be displayed
    1. NOTE: By default the cursor is at the end of the code. If you want your embedded content in the middle of the page you'll have to figure out where that is.
      1. HINT: Probably easiest if you have your post thought out beforehand so you can add it in sequence
  10. Click on the OK button. If you did it right it should appear in your post immediately, before you post.

Here is a link to my Youtube video entitled "Embed Video Groups io"