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How do I bulk-delete Files, Photos, or Attachments?

There is currently no bulk-delete capability within, but it is an often-requested feature.

To delete Attachments:

-- Go to Admin->Upgrade (or Admin->Billing, if you have a Premium/Enterprise group)
-- Review the bar graph to see how much of your allocation is being used.
-- Click the View Attachments link.
-- Typically, the main problem will consist of a few very large attachments. Click on the Size tab to sort by size.
-- Click on the links at left to open each individual message containing an attachment.
-- If the thread is locked, click on the More menu to unlock it (you will have to browse back to the message and refresh the page).
-- Again from the More menu, select Edit Message.
-- Click on the Delete checkboxes for any attachments you want to delete.
-- Click on "Save without Sending to Group" (a note will still be sent to the person who posted that message).
-- The message will now display an Edited tag in the message archive.

To delete files:

-- Click on Files in the left-side menu bar.
-- Navigate to the desired file or folder and click its trash-can icon.

To delete photos:

-- Click on Photos in the left-side menu bar.
-- Open a photo album (click on it).
-- To delete the entire album, click the "Delete Album" button.
-- Otherwise, click on a photo to open it.
-- Click on the blue Edit Photo button at the bottom.
-- Click on the red Delete button to delete the photo.
-- If you are in the Emailed Photos folder, the corresponding message will now display an Edited tag in the message archive.
-- Refresh the album thumbnail page (Ctrl-F5) before selecting another photo to delete.

Necessary Privileges:

-- To view the list of Attachments under Billing/Upgrade, a Moderator must have the Billing privilege.
-- To delete an attachment from a message, a Moderator must have the Edit Archives privilege.
-- Owners can perform both functions without any special privileges.
-- Any Owner or Moderator can delete photos from the Emailed Photos folder.
-- Any Owner or Moderator can delete files/folders from the Files repository.


-- Attachment deletions achieved by editing the corresponding message always generate a notification.
-- You can limit this to the original poster by clicking the "Save without Sending to Group" button.
-- Deleting a photo directly from the Emailed Photos folder does not generate a notification.
-- Deleting a file/folder from the Files repository not generate a notification.

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