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Click on "+Add Event"
(fill in "Event Name")

Make selections for the first occurrence of the Event in the "Date and Time" section.

In the "Repeats" section:

  • Check the "Event Repeats" box
  • Select "Monthly" in the "Repeats" dropdown menu (below the "Event Repeats" box)
  • Select "2" in the "Repeat Every" dropdown menu
  • Choose either: "Repeat by day of the week" or "Repeat by day of the month"
  • (Make "Starts On" and "Ends" selections)
  • The "Repeat Summary" will say either:
  • Every 2 months on the <1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th> <name of Day of Week>
  • Every 2 months on day <number of day of month>

    Important, finish setting up the event:
  • Fill in "Event Information" section
  • Set up Reminder notices in the "Reminders" section
  • MOST IMPORTANT at the bottom of page:
    • Click on "+Add Event", or "+Add Event & Invite Group" to send out an immediate announcement.

As of 2019-10-20, there are still some features not available: currently doesn't recognize that there are 29 or 30 dates every year that are a 'fifth <day of the week>

It was also brought up that some events' date are calculated as being x days before or after another date.

e.g. Federal Election Day in the United States is the Tuesday following the first Monday in November in even years

     (1st Monday of November plus 6 days, repeats every 24 months)

(Some States also hold elections on that date every year, or every other but on odd years.)  2018.08.06