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Help! I Own (or am Subscribed to) a Group, but Cannot Find Any Group Content!

To access most group content online, you must first log in. This includes responding to polls, viewing files and photos, RSVPing to calendar events, etc.

Look at the far right of the blue menu bar at the top of the page. If there is a "Log In" button present, you are (of course) logged out. Instructions on how to log in can be found in the system help at Help Center > Members Manual > Understanding accounts > Logging in to your account.

If you instead see a blue pull-down menu with either your name or your email address, you are already logged in. You can hover your mouse cursor over your name to display the corresponding email address.

See also:

Login Expiration

Logins expire after 30 days of inactivity. If this happens, the next time you access the site you should be notified of this fact and redirected to the login page. See

You will also find yourself logged out if you:

  • Pull down that blue menu at upper right and select "Logout," or
  • Delete your browser cookies.
  • Attempt to access the site using a different browser/device - your device won't know your login or remember your password

I'm Logged In, but I Still Can't Get to my Group Content. What Now?

Keep in mind that in, each email address is a separate account. Most likely, you are logged in using the wrong email address (i.e., an address that is not subscribed to this group).

There's an easy way to get a list of which groups an email address (account) is subscribed to.  Send an email to a nonexistent group. It will bounce with a 510 error that includes a list of all groups that address belongs to. I suggest using the real group name but adding a number to it, e.g.,, unless there is a real group with that name.

Find a previously-received group email stored somewhere in your email client. Scroll down to the message footer, and look for an email address in square brackets [like this], next to the unsubscribe link. This email address should match the one that shows up when you pull down the blue menu at upper right. If they don't, log out of and log back in using the subscribed address (the one found in the message footer).

If you don't have a group email handy, contact the group owner and have him/her look up the subscribed email address for you. You can send an email to any group owner at, replacing "GROUPNAME" with the actual name of the group.

If you don't get a response within a reasonable time frame, you will have to resort to trial and error, logging in with all your known email addresses until one of them works.

I'm a Group Owner/Moderator, and I'm Logged In, but Cannot Access my Admin Functions

Again, you are likely logged in using an email address that does not have Owner/Moderator privileges in this group.

Browse to any group page (e.g.: Look at the Home button at upper left. Does it display a light-blue "Owner" or "Mod" badge?

If not, you are logged in under the wrong email address. Try again.

Arrgh! I'm Logged Out, and I No Longer Have Access to That Email Address!

If you have created a password for that account, log in by entering your email address and password instead of using the "Email me a link to login" button. Then change your email address using the instructions in Help Center > Members Manual > Understanding accounts > Setting account preferences and viewing account information.

If you don't have a password set up and can no longer receive emails at a subscribed address, that's a real pickle. Your best bet is to send a series of owner messages to explaining your plight to each group owner. They should be able to delete your existing member records and send you a new group invitation at a working email address.

If you ARE the group owner, and the group doesn't have any co-owners set up, that's an even bigger pickle. Your only option in this case is to contact and plead for assistance. Good luck!

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The official user documentation is in the Help Center.