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Example advance Special Notice for transfer from a Yahoo Group

These are examples of messages that might be sent in a Yahoo Group in advance of transferring that group to The idea is to give the members  warning about what's to come so that they don't panic when they later receive the You've Been Added and/or the group's Welcome Member Notice.


Shal's Classmate Group

In the description below, I've used MyGroup and MyTitle as placeholders for the actual group name and title. In the actual notice I used the Link tool to make the addresses (email and web) active links. Below I've shown those items with underlines.

This Special Notice was sent in the Y!Group just prior to giving the "Go" to the transfer agent. A few prior Special Notices had been sent to the Y!Group members in the months and weeks leading up to the transfer, telling them that a move was under consideration. This notice provides the context for the "You made it!" salutation I used in a temporary version the Welcome Member Notice.


Subject:  Upcoming move to - a new list provider

  Send this message as a Special Notice

Hey Surfriders!

I'm getting ready to move this email list to, a newer email list provider competing with Yahoo Groups.

The reasons are many, but basically Yahoo stopped offering any customer service support for Yahoo Groups some time ago, and the new owners (Verizon/Oath) haven't made any public statement about the future of Yahoo Groups. offers better features and is easier to use - plus no advertisements ever (they are committed to a "Freemium" business model).

All of our content will be copied to the new service (messages, photos, etc.) and of course the list of subscribers (members).

You won't have to do anything to continue receiving emails. To access the archives and other content you will need to log in to the site, but that is far easier than it ever was with Yahoo.

The new site is here if you want to take a look, but none of our content has been copied there yet except for the home page I created:

When the transfer is complete you will receive two emails. One from telling you that "You have been added" to our new group, and one a Welcome message from me. Look for those messages in your Inbox and/or your Spam folder.

If you have any questions, or want to make any suggestions, contact me or reply to this email.

[My sig with personal email address & phone number]

More Examples

Feel free to add your own in Header 1 sections, above this section.

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