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Group Guidelines example

This is what I currently have posted on 3 of the groups I started:


Here are the group guidelines - last updated 6/9/15

1.  Please keep discussion friendly.  Differing opinions are welcome.

2.  Name-calling and fighting will not be allowed.

3.  Don't double post (2 in a row without someone else posting).  If you need to make a large change to a posting, edit your original.  Remember though that those receiving messages in email will get a copy of the original and the edited version.  For something minor, say forgetting your sign-off, it would be best not to make a correction.  (Mark has 'signatures' on the list of things to do.  Hopefully, one for each group so we won't add nor forget them.)

4.  Pay attention to information in messages.  If a poster requests that you contact them, don't post a reply on the group.

5.  When replying to a message, don't include any more of the original message than is required to identify what you are responding to and no more than one previous message.  In most cases, no previous messages are needed because the reply will go into the thread in the order received.  Those of you using 'smart devices' will need to learn how to delete extraneous information.

6.  When adding your email address to a posting, put it in the format 'yourname (at) service (dot) domain'.  Otherwise, those that only read online won't be able to see it.

7.  When adding Photos, the file size should be no more than 100 KB, preferably 35-50 KB.  Anything larger will only waste our group storage space.



The official user documentation is in the Help Center.