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Note: For information on creating a Guidelines notice (and other notices), see the official documentation in Help Center > Group Owners Manual > Managing member notices.

Generic Guidelines for behavior in groups.

Note, these are inspired by the Yahoo! Groups Guidelines, which seem like a pretty good place to start. Take "our group", "the group" and other generic usages and customize them to the name of your group, and make any other changes that are relevant to your group.

If you would like to discuss possible improvements to this example here is a discussion thread for that. Or go ahead and make changes here, and that may provoke discussion!


In short:

  • Be a good citizen — Treat others with respect.
  • Stay on topic — Keep your content relevant to the group.
  • Follow the law — We don't want any trouble here.

Here's how you can get the most out of our Group:

  1. Share what you know. Chances are, someone can benefit from what you have to contribute.
  2. Be courteous. Everyone wants to be treated with respect, and showing respect to others makes our group better for all members.
  3. Moderate your content. Adult-oriented content is not allowed.
  4. Post your own content. Have the other group member's permissions before re-posting their content. This goes for you too, moderators.
  5. Have a good time. When people behave responsibly and respectfully our group thrives and everybody wins.
 Here are some things our group shouldn't be used for:
  1. Don't be unkind. Exploitative or degrading comments are not welcome here. Also not welcome are belligerence, insults, slurs, profanity or ranting.
  2. Don't be a spammer. Keep off-topic commercial messages out of our group.

Our group, in the sole discretion of its moderators, may remove any content or remove you from the group immediately and without notice if you violate the group guidelines, or we believe you have violated or tried to violate the rights of others. Please help us keep our groups an enjoyable and positive experience. If you see content in our group that violates our rules, please let us know by contacting us via the Group Owner email address, listed on our home page.

Other Sample Guidelines

The official user documentation is in the Help Center.