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Best Practices for Group Rules, Guidelines, and Codes of Conduct


This page was inspired by a conversation in the Beta group, Community_Code_of_Conduct. It was suggested that a Code of Conduct is best when tailored to the character and needs of an individual group, rather than attempting to conform every group to the same universal standard. In other words, "one size does not fit all".

So please have a look at some of the suggested codes of conduct for various types of groups, and feel free to adopt whatever seems right for your group.

When you set a "Group Guidelines" notice, a new tab appears on the left called "Guidelines" with the notice's content in it

And please contribute your own examples!

  • "Play nice." Perhaps the simplest possible code of conduct, this one does not need its own page.
  • Generic Guidelines   (Note that Group Guidelines are a specific type of Member Notice; Owners/Moderators wishing to write Guidelines must go to Member Notices (in Settings) to do it.)
  • Health related groups
  • Recycling groups
  • Another example of group guidelines


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