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Help for members, would-be group members, and group managers (unofficial)

GMF's wiki is a place where we can collect reference material about that goes beyond what's available through's Help Center. It is an adjunct to the discussions in this group, and a place to collaborate. Hopefully this wiki will become a useful peer-to-peer collection of reference content for group moderators and owners.


Breaking News - Notifications Update is in the process of rolling out an overhaul of the notifications system. This may result in unexpected notifications about group activity posted to your groups and to you by email. Here is an overview of the notifications and the controls available to members and to group owners/moderators.


GMF members can help by writing or correcting wiki pages or just by commenting in a message to the group.

And don't forget about the official Help Center (see the Help link in the top and bottom bars on every page).

Note: In various places in this wiki you might see links or references that contain GroupName, YourGroup, or something similar. Those references should always be replaced with the actual name of your group.

Quick-Start Guide for Group Members

If you're new to, or just thinking about joining a group on the service, here's some info to help you get started.

Tips for Group Members

Links to how-to guides and other helpful pages for users of groups.

(a) Your Account

(b) Managing Your Group Subscriptions

(c) Topics and Messages

(d) Web Features

(e) Email providers - issues and tips

Best Practices for Group Management

Topics of interest to group owners and moderators.

(a) Creating Groups

(b) Managing Members

(c) Managing Moderators

(d) Managing Topics and Messages

(e) Managing Web Features

(f) Managing Calendars

(g) Managing Integrations

The official user documentation is in the Help Center.