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Here is a link to a .pdf file uploaded to Files.

Here is a link to a .pdf file in Attachments.


Reading a PDF (Android device):.

Readers for Android:

(Downloaded 2020-01)

(Downloaded 2020-01)

Converting PDFs:

If you wish to convert them, there are programs to do this, free and paid versions of file conversion software or online tools.

Here are two lists of PDF editors or conversion software:  (Retrieved 2020/01/18) (Retrieved 2020/01/18)

Recommended by a group member (2020/01)

1.This works on windows computers as a standalone software in the opensource freeware realm.  It works alright on Win8.1.

 2. Convert your files online via ZAMZAR. Upload and then get the converted file. 


Anything copyrighted or private should NOT go thru any service like this.  Unknown if online convertors retain those files in a offline storage area for their own use.

"RTF has a bad reputation for carrying malicious content. It's fundamental to the RTF format so most folks are moving away from it. Don't distribute in a format that security-conscious users will refuse to open. Every Android user I know has Adobe reader or another PDF reader downloaded already."





The official user documentation is in the Help Center.