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Why Can't I Invite More than 20 People to My Group?

If you attempt to invite more than 20 people to your group in a 24-hour period, you will likely receive this message:

You have reached the limit for number of invites that can be sent out without approval. Once your new invites have been approved, they will be sent out. You will receive a notification when this happens.

See for an explanation of why this limit exists. Yahoo groups has a similar requirement, designed to thwart those who would set up a group and use it for spamming purposes.

This is not actually a "limit" can send as many invitations as you want. However, there will be a waiting period while management reviews the list of invitees to ensure you are not a spammer. The remaining invitations in your most recent batch will usually go out within a few hours. Go to Admin>Invite and click on the "Sent Invitations" button at the top to check status (or wait for the promised email notification).

Once your latest batch does get approved, it's recommended that you send *all* your remaining invitations at once. You can do this by uploading a plain text file, containing all of the addresses, one address per line (and nothing else). In doing so, you will probably experience a second delay...but two delays are better than multiple ones. There is no advantage to sending invitations in 20-person batches.

Last updated:  11JUL2019