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Trying to figure out what to put in a Pending Subscription message can be a challenge. This page is dedicated to collecting templates for others to use.

If you have a Pending Subscription template you'd like to share, please add it below.

Sample #1

Hello New Member Applicant to [Group_Name].
By way of introduction to our group and for the purpose of your subscription to [Group_Name] being approved, we now require that all new members post a brief introduction about themselves to our group letting us know how they became aware of [Group_Name] and whether they've [Whatever_You_Do]. Doesn't have to be much, just a couple of sentences which will show us that you're not a robot.
We now find it necessary to insist on an intro post before approvals as a way to screen out certain spambots and harvesters which have been trying to join as legitimate members.  Since an intro post is never returned to us by the spambots, an intro from the applicant helps us determine which applicants are real, live members. This screening allows us to protect our existing [Group_Name] members.
If you have not sent us an introductory post to [] within seven days then, accordingly, your request will be removed from [Group_Name]'s pending members list.  
Thank You – The [Group_Name] Moderating Team

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Sample #2

Mine simply says (RV related group):

In an effort to reduce the likelihood of malicious activity, please respond to this message with a bit of information about yourself and/or your rig so we can approve your request for membership.  Then you'll be able to read messages and ask questions.

Group Moderator

Sample #3

The official user documentation is in the Help Center.