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There is no "Restore this Version" of a wikipage available, so how do you do it?

The work-around is actually fairly straight forward:

  1. On the wikipage that needs to be restored to an earlier version, click on the "Revisions" link in the top right-hand corner
    NOTE: There is a number in front of the word revision, it will look something like this: 251 revisions
    1. A new page will open up with a list of all the previous revisions
  2. Find the revision you want to restore and click on it
  3. Select all the text on the page (right-click, Select all)
  4. Copy it to your clipboard (right-click, Copy)
  5. Go back to the page you want to restore
  6. Click on "Edit Page"
  7. Select all the text on the page (right-click, Select all)
  8. Paste contents of Clipboard (right-click, Paste)
  9. Write a small message explaining the edit. (Optional)
  10. Click "Save Page"

Your wikipage has been restored!

The official user documentation is in the Help Center.