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See also the FAQ in the Help Center.

Failing to Receive [Some] Group Messages

It sometimes happens that you fail to receive some or all group messages (i.e., via email). Here are some things to check:

On the side:
  • Are the missing posts listed in your account's Recent Bounces page?
  • Are they listed in the Email Delivery History tab of your Subscription in that group?
  • Were they posted to a Topic that you have muted?
  • Is your account in Bouncing or Bounced status?
  • Is your Email Delivery set to Individual Messages?
  • Is your Message Selection (under Advanced Preferences) set to All Messages?
  • Do the missing posts contain a hashtag that has the No Email property?
  • Do the missing posts contain a hashtag that you have muted?
On your email interface:
  • Have you set a filter that blocks or redirects some (or all) group messages?
  • Are the group messages landing in your Spam (or Trash or other junk) folder?
  • If you're using an email client on a PC or mobile device, have you checked the spam folder of your service's Webmail interface?


The official user documentation is in the Help Center.