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Example of the Bounce Probe Message


When a user's account (email address) has Bouncing status, will stop sending group messages to that address and instead periodically send a "bounce probe". This is a message designed to test whether the member can receive messages from

A group moderator can also manually request that a bounce probe message be sent to any group member listed as Bouncing or Bounced.

The bounce probe is a multipart/alternative email message, meaning it includes both a plain-text and HTML version of the message body. In the example text below the portions shown in italic are customized to reflect your (the bouncing member's) email address and group subscriptions. The unbounce link includes a one-time code (pseudo-random number) to ensure that you are responding to the bounce probe message sent to you, and not trying to use an example probe or otherwise fool the system.



From: "" <>

Subject: Your Account Is Bouncing


Recently, emails sent to you have bounced back to us. This can be for many reasons, including:

- We have an incorrect email address for you.
- Your account was or is full.
- Other temporary delivery issues.

To view the error messages we receive from your email server, click here.

We have suspended email delivery to you. This means you will no longer = receive messages from the groups you are subscribed to, including:


You must take action to restore your account. To unbounce your account, go to the following link:

Thank you,
The Team


Sample text collected 2019-02-01 [GMF #14747], updated text collected 2019-03-06 [GMF #15897] and 2020-12-15 [GMF #35619]

The official user documentation is in the Help Center.