locked sticky A group for SERIOUS group owners


This GroupManagersForum is founded in the tradition of the GroupManagersForum on Yahoo! Groups.

Attachments are allowed and the judicious use of screen shots and other illustrations is encouraged. To prevent malicious attachments, avoid spam, off-topic messages, and certain kinds of spoofing, ALL messages sent to GMF are moderated. Despite these measures, be aware that the bad guys are clever so there's no guarantee that we'll always succeed; you are encouraged to be vigilant against any and all threats arriving via email. Your GMF moderators make no guarantees regarding the safety of emails arriving from this or any other Groups.io address.

Don't post JUST to advertise your groups. Listing your group in your signature is perfectly acceptable, just make sure there's content in your post.

Do post something about being a Groups.io group owner, moderator or member. What suggestions do you have for improving Groups.io? What works for growing your group? When is it a good idea to create an unlisted group? How do you manage the role of owner on multiple groups? How do you manage playing owner on one group and member on others? There is power in numbers.

Ask "How to" questions: "How do you do...[function of your choice]?" We all have to learn somewhere

Through the contributions of its members this group can become a powerful voice for education, quality, change and improvement in Groups.io -- provided we work and focus on that as our collective goal.

-- Shal


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