is there a feature to block members by country or ip address? #howto #spam #customize #access #wishlist


is there a feature to block members by country or ip address?
i have been getting pounded by the scammers lately..
so far the approval of any message feature has been working so at least the group is not getting the batch of scam spam. 
i would like to be able to block africa as well as asia..

a whole country block would be cool.
at least for my group.

#access #customize #howto #spam #wishlist
Thanks Paul in Iowa
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On Tue, Aug 25, 2020 at 10:13 AM, iowagold2020 wrote:
is there a feature to block members by country or ip address?
I believe the only current blocking is by domain.

The official user documentation is in the Help Center.
GMF's Unofficial Help Wiki:

John Pearce <jponsalt@...>

Hackers and spammers can easily make themselves appear from any country they wish.  So can you.  It's called a VPN service.  The solution you think would help is worthless even if there was a feature in  I use one often.  I find it quite helpful in purchasing airline tickets at reduced prices.  If you appear to be originating in Brazil (for example) you can sometimes get less expensive tickets than if you appear to be from the USA.  To find out more I've included a link to one of the many VPN's available today.




First, that was me who just applied to your group, you can reject it if you want, I was going to leave anyway; I wanted to see how it's setup regarding new member apps.

IMO you'd be better off creating and enabling a pending membership message that applicants have to answer (or no approval otherwise), and that will drastically cut down your spam/scam filtering work, as the large majority of those folks use bot software for their spamming/scamming, and you usually don't get back replies to the pending membership question, so they can bot-apply all they want, since they will never reply to the pending question email, no approval.  You can then leave them on the pending queue until they are automatically-removed in 14 days (unless if you claim them)

You can write the pending membership question email as such to where if one replies you'll be able to tell if it is a real person, and also whether they are legit or spammers.  On all the groups I own & manage we have that and it rarely allows a spammer to get it.  Here's an example of what I use:

Hello and thank you for your interest in the Airliner Modelling Digest group! (
We only have a few basic rules, one of them is to hear from you before accepting your membership application, to make sure you are a legitimate person/modeller/hobby store/decal maker/researcher/etc, and not some bot or spammer!  
So please reply to this email and in a sentence or two, please let us know why you'd like to join our group.
Thank you!
The Group Admins & Mods
Pretty simple and effective, as even if the person is a spammer/scammer and they manually answer (which is very-very rare), they usually will say things like "Hi, I'd like to join your group" or similar stuff like it which pretty-much tells you they have no clue what the group is about, so they get rejected (after leavign them in the pending queue until they auto-expire so this way that doesn't allow them to reapply with the same address in the meantime).
And if their reply is not quite-clearcut and you suspect they may be legit, you can always send them a second email and ask them more group-specific questions, like which generator model they have, what's their setup, or anything else that will tell you pretty-much they are real and legit.




What Christos suggests is a great idea. My group was getting bombed with bogus member join attempts after we had tried setting our group so that anyone could read our group's messages and/or join.

When that proved problematic we changed our settings to require moderator approval of new member applicants PLUS we modified our welcome message to include the requirement that a new member applicant provide us with a brief Intro Biog as a condition of membership approval. An email address to respond to was included –along with the aviso that if we had not received an Intro Biog from them within five days their membership request would be declined.

We also set up a bump-reminder message indicating that we have not yet received the member applicant's Intro Biog which we send out the day after the initial membership request.

So far for us this arrangement has worked well and no bogus memberships have accidentally slipped by us.

Paul M.
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